Who Benefits From Online Physiotherapy?



  1. Canadians  of all ages living in remote areas with no local physiotherapy services and/or local orthopaedic surgeon.
  2. Canadians who cannot leave their home independently or drive safely to a  physiotherapy clinic.
  3. Canadians who have undergone orthopaedic surgery and are discharged home without access to a local physiotherapist.
  4. Canadians who have seen an orthopaedic surgeon and been told to start a rehab exercise program.
  5. Canadians who have been  immobilized for a fracture or an unstable joint and told to start a rehab exercise program to restore range of motion and muscle strength.
  6. Canadians who travel for work and cannot always attend a physiotherapy clinic.
  7. Parents, family members and caregivers of patients who want access to the expertise of a physiotherapist in the treatment or rehab of a child or loved one.