Orthopaedic Surgeons


Never before in history,  have millions of people had the power and technology to educate themselves on their medical conditions, diagnostic algorithms and treatment options.

At TeleOrthopaedics.com my goal is to help  our visitors make the most informed decisions for themselves or their family, by accessing the professional experience and analytical skills of orthopaedic surgeons online.  

There are orthopaedic surgeons who offer telehealth services online today. These are the innovative surgeons – that I believe –  will lead the future of orthopaedics online.  These are the surgeons I want in our international directory.

If you’re  interested in appearing in our directory, please email me at terrykane@orthopaedicscanada.com for more information.

Terry Kane, Physical Therapist

Founder / Owner TeleOrthopaedics.com / OrthopaedicsCanada.com Network

Calgary, Alberta, Canada.