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Product description & the problem we help solve.

Bodiometer makes AI-driven computer vision solutions to automatically track and measure biomechanics.

We have two major products: Mobile and Desktop.

Bodiometer Mobile is a realtime postural analysis tool that runs on iPads and iPhones. Posture is measured using an algorithm that assesses the individual’s joints for alignment. The resulting scan shows patients and clinicians objective measures for both initial diagnostic assistance as well as tracking changes in posture during and post treatment.

Bodiometer desktop uses the Microsoft Kinect camera to record and measure posture, range of motion and function.

Our tools build on our foundation in computer vision and machine learning with which we continue to develop and innovate in order to provide better knowledge for clinicians and patients.

Our target market & size

The physiotherapy and chiropractic market has been our main focus through our development. These markets alone contain 130,000+ practitioners across North America. Increasingly disciplines dealing with human performance and neuro-musculo-skeletal health have begun offering integrated services as their treatments and patients overlap. The market for our products is therefore much wider and feasibly encompasses sports performance & medicine, rehabilitation, occupational safety & therapy as well as preventative medicine.

Our priorities at this stage of development

As an innovative and growth oriented startup we have several interconnected priorities. We are always looking for partners or vendors who can gain value from working with us or our products. We have big plans but one limitation common to all startups is funding, as such we are currently seeking investors who have a desire to see our technology and vision make an impact in digital health.

Contact Information:

Miles Jonsson, Business Development Specialist

P: (403) 402-7185

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