About TeleOrthopaedics


TeleOrthopaedics.com  is owned and operated by Canadian Orthopaedic Physiotherapist Terry Kane.

The goal of TeleOrthopaedics.com is to leverage internet technologies to improve orthopaedic triaging and care to ensure that patients, with musculoskeletal conditions, can connect online with the right healthcare professional at the right time, every time.

The healthcare continuum is to safely move people from a state of illness , dependency and inactivity to wellness, independency and physical activity as effectively and as quickly as possible.   The advent of internet technology is the single greatest opportunity we have to leverage clinical expertise to improve the effectiveness and speed we move along this  continuum.

Given that the overwhelming majority of musculoskeletal conditions get better without an x-ray, MRI , prescription medications  or a surgical consult,  our first project is to explore online physiotherapy consultations,  patient education and home based rehab exercises to Canadians living in areas without access to a local orthopaedic physiotherapist.



Terry Kane  is a registered Orthopaedic Physiotherapist in Alberta, Canada and the owner of Teleorthopaedics.com and OrthopaedicsCanada.com Network.

Since 1985, Terry  has worked with some of the top Orthopaedic Surgeons, Sports Medicine Physicians and Chronic Pain Specialists in Canada as well as treated over 500 Olympic and professional athletes.

A graduate of the University of Toronto,  Terry has served as Team Physiotherapist with Canadian Olympic Hockey Team and Calgary Flames, as well as a physiotherapist with The University of Calgary Sport Medicine Centre, Calgary Chronic Pain Centre and Calgary West Central Primary Care Network.

In addition to his clinical practice, Terry has spoken at conferences such as the American College of Sports Medicine, the University of Calgary Department of Orthopaedics (Glen Edwards Day), University of Calgary Department of Continuing Medical Education’s Calgary Chronic Pain Conference,  consulted to the National Hockey League Injury Analysis Panel as well as served as an editorial reviewer with The Physician and Sports Medicine and the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine.

Terry has also served as a volunteer with the Alberta Health’s  Bone and Joint Strategic Clinical Network,  a contributing developer of a MAINPRO-C Course on Chronic Pain Management For Family Physicians and a contributing author to Foundations of Professional Personal Training textbook published by Human Kinetics.

Terry currently works for a group of Primary Care Physicians in Calgary, as well as sees patients in-person and online.  For more information on seeing Terry in-person, please visit www.terrykane.ca 





If Terry Kane has any health or safety concerns about you at any time, he will discuss them with you and offer to contact the most appropriate healthcare professional  with his recommendations.

In the event Terry does not believe it is safe for you to use online physiotherapy, he will fully refund your appointment fee.

To further ensure patient safety, Terry uses a computer application known as Physitrack, that  allows patients to contact him by confidential and secure text messaging.  This allows you to contact Terry quickly so he can stay on top of your questions and status at any time.

The Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators has developed a patient information sheet on tele-rehabilitation. Click here to read.



As  a registered physiotherapist, Terry is required to maintain the privacy of any and all communications with patients.  All  electronic communications and online appointments are conducted via a HIPAA certified secured video platform (Physitrack) and all clinical  patient records are saved in a HIPAA certified secured electronic medical record system (Cliniko).


A key part of Apple’s Mobility Partner Program since 2015.  Physitrack is already used by 20,000+ healthcare professionals including MD’s, surgical specialists, physical therapists and chiropractors from around the world.

Physitrack Privacy Policy & Security

Cliniko Privacy Policy & Security

If you have any privacy or security questions whatsoever, please email us at contactus@orthopaedicscanada.com.