About TeleOrthopaedics.com




About TeleOrthopaedics.com

Online access to an international network of orthopaedic surgeons from any internet connected device in the world.

The goal of every healthcare systems is to help  patients move from a state of  disability, dependency and inactivity towards a state of  wellness, in-dependency and physical activity – as safely,  as effectively and as quickly as possible.   

The evolution of internet technology represents  one of the greatest opportunities in history  to improve patient access to clinical expertise and to improve the effectiveness and speed of care globally.

The goal of TeleOrthopaedics.com is to leverage internet technology to improve the standard of  patient care by connecting people directly with orthopaedic surgeons anywhere in the world.

TeleOrthopaedics.com is a free directory of international orthopaedic surgeons  who provide telehealth services such as telephone, video and email consults.

TeleOrthopaedics.com  is privately owned and operated by Canadian orthopaedic physiotherapist Terry Kane and is part of the OrthopaedicsCanada.com Network of websites.

TeleOrthopaedics.com is a website directory of surgeons, not a medical facility.  As a website we do not dispense medical advice instead we provide the contact information of surgeons who can offer online educational or medical advice at their professional discretion.

An appearance in our directory does not represent a medical endorsement of a given surgeon or medical referral from us.

If you have any questions, please email me at terry@orthopaedicscanada.com  for more information.

Terry Kane, Physical Therapist

Founder / Owner TeleOrthopaedics.com / OrthopaedicsCanada.com Network

Calgary, Alberta, Canada.